Friday, 30 May 2014

Things You can't Avoid About Google Car

Google Self-Driven Car

Lots of things can be said about Google car that can't be avoided. The Google's all new self-driving car is under testing mode at Californian Headquarters.

Still lot to understand about Google's new self-driving car. Check out below are the few things is really needed to be answered.

Disadvantages of Google Car

1) It can't avoid killing small animals:- The car sensors can avoid pedestrians and cyclist that are not enough to avoid smaller creatures. Its still in vague what size limit is like can a dog be seen or any other small animal? Google is still working on it to make it more accurate.

2) No signal on your mobile, No Google Car for you:- No signal then you will lose access to the detailed maps that it uses for guidance. So you will stuck up in mid way . There is no information like this can't come pre-loaded into self-driving cars.

3) Google's cars will still need a steering wheel - for legal reasons:- Google car with no controls, still need to have a both pedals and a wheel when they test the vehicles on California's streets. Do it needs a steering wheel? And more for Google in this Google Car concept.

4) It feels 'like a theme park ride':- Although Google has released a video showing 'normal folks' having a go in the car (above) not many journalists have been given the same opportunity. Kara Swisher and Liz Gannes of tech site Recode were two of the lucky few and they described the car as "a gondola with wheels", noting that the combination of button-operated controls and a little departure message telling them to pick-up their baggage when they left made it feel "a lot like a theme park ride."