Monday, 10 November 2014

Mozilla's New Features with Developer Edition

Mozilla Turns Ten

Mozilla turning 10 and Monday marks the 10th anniversary of Firefox 1.0 and to celebrate the day Mozilla is rolling out new features, as well as a developer-centric version of its web browser. Check out the new features of Mozilla FireFox with a developers centric edition.

Mozilla Developer Edition

New features and a developer edition

On this big moment for Mozilla and as a part of the 10th anniversary of Firefox 1.0, Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox to the public with a few key features

→ First, DuckDuckGo is now pre-installed as a search option for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Duckduckgo search

→ Mozilla added new feature called "Forget" to the browser that makes it easy to clear out recent history, cookies, tabs and open websites. Many users love the private browsing features built-into modern web browsers and the "Forget" feature makes it easy to "retroactively" invoke that feature.

→ A new browser version by Firefox has also released just for developers called as Firefox Developer Edition can sit along regular versions of Firefox, but it is designed with tools specifically for web developers.

→ There are new developer tools and experiments and it has built-in options to make it easy to test web apps and do remote debugging from mobile devices.

→ Developers were some of Firefox's first major adopters — thanks to its support for extensions, add-ons and more modern web standards.

Happy Birthday Mozilla FireFox. Good Luck and keep coming with such new things.

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