Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Best Cartoon Apps in Android


Kids love cartoons the most? Are your kids too? If yes then you just need to show them some cool cartoon apps where in there are cartoon movies, small episodes and others. Kids will like them if you give them uniqueness. Here we have searched and made a list of some best cartoon apps in Android for all mom's and dad's for their kids in their Android smart-phone. Check out this list of Cartoon apps in Android.

Best Cartoon Apps in Android

1) Cartoons:-

Cartoon App

We present all episodes of Barbie which children love most. In this Application, you can watch all series of Barbie. Barbie, Ken and their friends one of the interesting, funny, unusual and fun so you can enjoy all the episodes.

Download here

2) Children Movies:-

Children Movies app

This is free App To Watch Children's Movies. There are almost 90 movies to entertain your children, most are animated, cartoon-like and some are educational. There is definitely something for all children that will keep them entertained for hours.

Download here

3) Kids Movies:-

Kids Movies app

Non stop play many video for kids & baby, Frequently updated video content, Most popular cartoons movies for kids, Happy time with Best Kids Unstoppable Movies.

Download here

4) Story and Cartoon Movies:-

Story & Cartoon Movies app

App slide switch to the left page App includes a large number of well-known fairy tales, cartoons, and a large number of early childhood learning materials, children's songs, can enhance children's learning and imagination interaction between parents and May accompany children through childhood Happy Hour.

Download here

5) Youku-Movie:-

Youku Movie app

The application is specially developed by Youku.com for Android phone and pad, and leverages huge of Youku online video contents and Youku special technical advantages. From the client, user can easily surf on millions of Youku online video resources, which not only includes user generated videos, but more copyright videos, such as Movies, TV shows, TV programs, Cartoon, MTV, etc.

Download here

Download them and share your feedback, about how your kids felt after using this app. Hope this list has made your day and kids entertainment hours say happy hours. Get your own cartoon app for Android where in you can share movies and all favorite cartoon shows and kids knowledge sharing shows. Visit here for Android App Development . For more info contact here

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