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Build Your First iPad App - Learn From Us

iPad App

Day by day iOS programming is getting popular in the market. Apps and apps, lots of apps people want it for every purpose. There is an app to everything, apple store is full with lots of apps. Are you curious to learn iPad programming/iPhone programming ?, want to build your first small app and experience the programming level of iOS ? Then lets get into this and learn to build your first ever iPad app. 

Take a Tour and learn to build iPad App

Step 1:- Before you scribble the code, you need the SDK, which provided by Xcode that runs on MAC OS X. If you have If you want to develop apps for iOS, you need the SDK, which is provided with Xcode. Xcode only runs on Mac OS X.

Step 2:- If you are new to Xcode then take time to understand how it works and its user guides. Learn about Xcode in deep and then move ahead with further coding. 

Step 3:- For creating new iPad application, click on create the new Xcode project button. Check in below image. 

Welcome to Xcode

Step 4:- Now click on the Single View Application as shown in the below image.

Single View Application

Step 5:- Then Click on the next button that takes you to project options as shown below image.

Project Options

Step 6:- The Class Prefix can be used to append a string value to the beginning of each class generated by the application template. For the purpose of simplicity, you can leave the Class Prefix blank for this app. Click on next button and there you the below image

Step 7:- Now get Hello World on the screen by texting it in the interface builder by editing NIB file

IB has a set of available utilities for working with a NIB file. Press Control-Option-Command-3 to display the Object library. The Object library contains a list of visual and nonvisual components that are used to construct the user interface. In the filter bar at the bottom, type “Label” without the quotes. This will filter the object list, displaying only label-type objects.

Drag and drop the label object onto the view’s canvas area. This creates a new
UILabelinstance, which is the type of object representing a label. Next, open the Attributes inspector (Option-Command-4). At the top of the Attributes inspector is a property named Text. Change the default value “Label” to “Hello World.”

You may need to resize the label to view the entire “Hello World” content. To resize it, move the mouse cursor to the right edge of the label object. The cursor will change to the resize indicator. Click and drag the mouse to the right to increase the width of the label.

Hello World iPad App

Build and run the app in the iPad Simulator. Congratulations! You have written your first Hello World app for the iPad.

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