Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What are the best resources to learn PHP Programming?

Learn PHP Programming

There are many resources and guides present in the web for learning anything that you desire. I can give you a huge list of good tutorials and links to learn PHP Programming. But learning something needs strong desire to stick to it till you finish learning it well to say it to the world that I learned. PHP is an open source language and its almost easy to learn and go on with PHP Programming.

Learn PHP

Learn PHP in four simple steps. Follow these below process with the links.

1) PHP Buit-in Library Functions Reference:- In this link you will find references on all important built-in PHP library functions.

2) PHP Useful resources:- A collection of PHP Programming sites and books given in this link

3) MySQL tutorial:- Learn MySQL in simple and easy steps from the scratch to end given in this link

4) PHP Tutorial in PDF format:- At the end in this link you can download a complete PHP tutorial.

Hope this link would help you in learning PHP Programming. And if you looking to Hire a Best PHP Programmer then follow here – http://www.hirephpprogrammers.com

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