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Top 5 Money Saving iPhone Apps

Money Saving

Now you can save your money if you have a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, it can be your pocket assistant to guide to invest and spend your money right. I can give you the right way to save your money by some good free apps that can help you get the best prices on products and services, earn cash back or gift cards for purchases and track your spending so that you don't go over budget. I have apps for every category that is required in your daily life. Check out this top 5 money saving iPhone apps we have got for you.

Top 5 Money Saving iPhone Apps

(I) Finances:-


The right kind of action to be taken first is to learn how to handle money. There are many apps to help you manage your money. Among them I have got one good app for you.

1) Quicken:-

Quicken App

Existing Quicken users as well as newbies will no doubt find this simple but handy app the ideal way to check financial accounts on the go. Track your financial goals, monitor account activity and even find an ATM.

(II) Shopping:-


Now after you saved your money the time came to spend it wisely. Get your discounts and coupon for the purchases.

2) Coupon Sherpa:-

Coupon Sherpa App

Coupon Sherpa offers both in-store coupons as well as exclusive deals just for users. You can search by category or store name, locate merchants closest to you, and even e-mail coupons to your friends.

(III) Food and Drink:-

Food and Drink

The recession has taught even the most sociable among us the value of eating in. These apps can make it cheap, and relatively pain-free for even the most amateur of gourmets.

3) Mixology:-

Mixology App

Instead of fighting the crowds for a $14 martini, home-based mixologists can entertain friends hassle-free. Mixology features 7900+ recipes and a fun "liquor cabinet" feature to manage your whole inventory. Charge a cover at your next shindig, and you're back in the black!

(IV) Travel:-


Travel guide can be really helpful to you at times when you are actually uin need. So no matter what to find a road, a restaurant or a shopping center everything can be easily found from the app.

4) Maps:-

Map App

The only native app (though based on Google Maps) on our list is a no-brainer for anyone who relies on public transportation. Integrating directions, schedules, traffic and more into this mega-app, you'll find the closest, fastest, and most importantly cheapest route with ease.

(V) Communications:-


Finally for those who love chatting and talking to people, reaching people and communicating free then here is the app.

5) Skype:-

Skype App

Already a popular desktop application for placing worldwide voice calls over the Internet, now Skype has an iPhone app that many feel delivers an even clearer connection. Calls between Skype users are free, and peanuts to landlines or cell phones. If you have international friends and family, this could save you a bundle.

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