Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Facebook Acquires Pryte – A Mobile Data Plan Firm


Facebook want to focus on acquiring and owning the big firms and adding the next billion users to its social network targeting on consumers in emerging markets and the mobile devices that many of them will use as their primary way of being online.

Today Facebook acquired Pryte, a small company based out of Helsinki , Finland that lets app makers and carriers sell mobile data in low priced packages based on the usage of an app.

Facebook already working on internet access more affordable for the masses. The work which Facebook started years back is going on good progress. 

As per the Reuters Story the deal still not disclosed first broke the news, had not officially launched, although it has a fully functioning website, and according to the note the Pryte team had posted on the site confirming the deal, it had already been “enabling partnerships between app and content providers, and mobile operators.”

We don’t know how much of Pryte’s service will be rolled into Facebook’s existing offerings — the Reuters story makes it sound a bit like an acqui-hire — but in any case this is also a sign of how Facebook is looking for more technology and people that can help it forge better relationships with carriers.