Thursday, 2 January 2014

Get Crazy with Movie Based Mobile Games

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Most of the mobile games that are inspired from commercial movie do not get success in the market. However, it doesn't mean that none of them is not worth it. There are numerous examples of movie based smartphone games that got a huge popularity among the users. Let's see few examples, here.

Movies are fun to watch, and games are exciting to play. But movies based on games are usually a huge disaster. However, not all the movie based games end as a tragedy; some do pretty well in the market. There are numerous movie adapted smartphone games that are doing pretty well at the app stores. So here, we have listed some of the best and latest mobile games inspired from Hollywood movies.

1) The Dark Knight Rises:-

The Dark Knight Rises

This action game lets the player pose as Bruce Wayne (Batman). As the protagonist of the game, the player has to explore the Gautham city. As the storyline develops, the clash with the enemies unleashes the real superhero in the player. Car chases, challenging missions, engaging fights, hostage situations, jailbreaks, hi-fi gadgets, batman exclusive weapons and many other exciting things are there to enjoy. On the glamor side, the player can drive the bat-pod and meet the hot catwoman.

2) The Amazing Spiderman:-

The Amazing Spiderman

This game provides the user with an opportunity to explore New York City’s five major districts as the human spider. He needs to fight against the dangerous lizard master and his minions to save the city from the mutational doom. It is a fully 3D game with great web slinging controls, that are intuitive to the touch. These superb controls enable the player to smoothly climb, jump and fly like SpiderMan. The graphics are stunning with 3D visuals of New york city. 25 different kinds of missions are available to choose from.

3) The Adventures of Tintin:-

The Adventures of Tintin

This game shares its name with the movie on which it is based. It features the adventurous world of Tintin where the player needs to embark on a journey to solve the secrets of unicorn. Everything including the 3D world, animation, ship, desert is in unison with the movie. The player will get a chance to race, to drive air planes and helicopters, to fight with swords and many more exciting activities that will be unveiled as the game progresses. Basically, this game has a superb story along with amazing graphics to enjoy. 

We must say that trying these games at least once is definitely not a bad idea. In case, we missed something, just let us know through the comments.

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