Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Best Free Five Traffic Apps on Android

Traffic Apps

Reading to the title, you might get a little relief to avoid traffic and choose a smooth way to your destination. Waiting in the traffic is a worst feeling, to make your journey safe and easy we bring you the best and free traffic android apps that will help you in getting the proper way to reach to your destination. 

Here are few selected list of traffic apps on android. You can go through it and download them to your phone that you want which can help you in manage your drive(This apps are meant for users in the US,UK & Canada).

Below is the list of Traffic Android Apps:-

1) Beat the Traffic:-

Beat the Traffic

Here we go with the first app is Beat the Traffic that gives the easier way to draw the route to your destination. This App keeps you updated with the traffic conditions and you can also view the detailed reports about various incidents that may have occurred on your route you plan to take. “Avoid Traffic jam and beat the traffic”.


2) Inrix Traffic:-

Inrix Traffic

This App is very useful to make you calm through driving, it provides instant access to information about forecast, give you details about incidents like accidents, events, constructions and more is that it gives you the inputs about comparative traffic. This App is time saving giving you ease in commuting to your way.


3) Waze GPS Traffic, Social, Fun:-

Waze GPS Traffic, Social, Fun

Have fun with this social navigation app that has recently updated its design that includes natural text-to-speech feature. This app requires you to inform fellow app users about what they can expect while they are on the route they have chosen.


4) Traffic Cam Viewer:-

Traffic Cam Viewer

Something more to offer you in this App. Visual effect is more then textual effect. Just have a look at visual data from your device to experience the traffic conditions by simply looking at the pictures of the road you choose to head. There are two different modes of viewing namely Gallery mode and matrix mode. This App is configurable which has cameras in more than 40 states across US and also in other countries.


5) RAC Traffic:-
RAC Traffic

RAC Traffic is specially meant for the users in UK. This App reports all traffic news that covers throughout UK. It shows the traffic problems via Google Maps. This App works on Froyo Platform. Hope this might help you too.


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