Friday, 14 November 2014

Samsung & Blackberry to start for better Android Security

Samsung Knox

The two huge companies “Samsung and Blackberry” announced a new security-focused partnership on Thursday that will bring Blackberry's encryption to businesses using Samsung Galaxy smart-phones.

Samsung will integrate BlackBerry's BES12 end-to-end encryption service, into its own Knox software. Knox, which Samsung licenses to enterprise customers, adds an extra layer of security to Android devices— though the service has been criticized for weak encryption. 


Blackberry has close partnership with Samsung deepening the interaction between our engineering and product development teams for the long-term,” John Sims, BlackBerry's President of Global Enterprise Services, said in a statement.

Samsung KNOX offers a number of hardware and software security features and our partnership allows us to tightly integrate these capabilities with BES12.”
Samsung will begin to offer the software in early 2015, but the company has not revealed details about pricing.

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