Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How to Maximize Your iPad’s Battery Life

Battery Life

Are you worried for the iPad battery running out way too soon, then you need to try some good tips and tricks to save your iPads battery life. Here are some tips to improve your battery life. Take a look at them, a first glance you will find them very common but it is required and must.

Battery Life

Here are the few tips to maximize you iPad battery life

1) Keep Your iDevice Out of the Sun:- Keep your device in cool atmosphere as heat kills batteries faster than any other factor as whatever you do, don’t leave your iPhone or iPad sitting in a hot car—and you’ll have to pay Apple to get it replaced. The same thing holds true for any really hot environment.

2) Reduce the Screen Brightness:- If you always keep your screen at maximum brightness all the time then you are wasting lot of battery life. The screen display these days are already with proper brightness so change your brightness settings. Goto Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper to adjust the default level of brightness, which you can probably keep as low as 30% most of the time.

3) Make Sure the Screen Locks Quickly:- Its necessary to keep your screen locks quickly so that you can save your battery. When you are not using your phone then it should be locked. So Goto General -> Auto-Lock to set the screen lock to happen as quickly as your device will let you. This makes a big difference if you are always picking up your phone and putting it back into your pocket without turning the display off.

4) Use Airplane Mode When You Don’t Need Internet (iPad/iPhone):- Hope you know this trick before you can spend playing game hours and hours. When you are not using your internet, you can consider using Airplane Mode, which turns off both Wi-Fi and the regular wireless radio. Of course, this will prevent phone calls if you’re on an iPhone—but if you’re busy with Angry Birds you probably don’t want the interruption anyway.

5) Reduce or Eliminate Push Notifications:- Do you really need notifications from Twitter or whatever other apps you’re running? You can turn these off one-by-one, or turn off Push entirely by heading into Settings -> Notifications, and save a bit of extra battery life since your device won’t be pulling in data for those applications anymore.

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