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Antivirus Apps for Android

Antivirus Apps

Android is very popular OS and it has capture a huge market around the world. But there is so much of risk out there to just use your android smart-phone without security. Security or antivirus apps are required to secure your data from theft, loss or hacked or virus. Antivirus apps helps you in ceasing viruses to enter your phone and destroy your data. Security apps will keep you from becoming a target and will give you valuable tools that just make owning an Android better. Check out the Antivirus apps for Android.

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Antivirus Apps for Android

1) Avast:-

Avast App

Avast Antivirus apps provides with with extensive anti-theft tools, more remote SMS commands than anyone else, and top-tier malware protection. While its lock screen is not as secure as I'd like, the price plus the sheer number of features make it an easy choice for those who want great protection without breaking the bank.

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2) Bitdefender:-

Bitdefender android app

Bitdefender's mobile security app is a pragmatic product, with a reasonable annual cost and carefully pruned list of features. It uses a unique cloud-based scanning system, and can scan your entire phone in about ten seconds. While it also scans each app upon download, it can't perform scans without an Internet connection. A recent update added support for Bitdefender's Clueful app reputation service.

Price $9.95 per year

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3) Lookout:-

Lookout Android app

Lookout app has a good user design. They also have great detection scores, and are very responsive—sometimes updating their app to address new Android threats before Google has the chance to close a vulnerability.

Price $29.99 per year

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4) Kaspersky:-

Kaspersky Android app

Kaspersky app provides the full slate of anti-theft tools, new privacy settings, top-rated malware protection, and some unique features that allow you to keep some information hidden on your device. I particularly liked the app's secure lockscreen, and the ability to perform either a full system restore or to simply remove personal data.

Price $14.95

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5) Trend Micro:-

Trend Micro Android App

Trend Micro app has good malware scores, anti-theft features, SMS/call blocking, and some parental controls among others. Interestingly, when wiping the device you select how much to remove from the phone but trigger the wipe remotely. However, it lacked a spy cam feature and its lock screen left me concerned.

Price $29.99 per year

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These Antivirus apps are the best and most important to secure your android smart phone. Download them to protect your phone from malware attack.

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