Friday, 25 July 2014

Best Apps for Windows Smart Phone

Windows Apps

Windows is still behind iOS and Android, but Windows store has a collection of 200000+ apps and there are many interesting apps that is must have in your Windows smart phone. In the coming years, Windows will surely capture the market in it wide collection of some best apps in its store. Do own a Windows smart phone then you need to have some best apps from the Windows app store. Collect good apps, download them in your device and experience the use of some coolest of games and apps. Check out the list of apps for Windows.

Best apps for Windows

1) Subway Surfers:-

Subway Surfers App

Subway Surfer is a cool game. Simply fun where in a runner has to swipe its way through never ending-series of oncoming subway cars and barriers, collecting coins and bonus items.

2) Pandora:-

Pandora App

Windows Phone brings you the Pandora you love and gives it a unique Windows Phone twist, allowing you to pin your favorite stations to the Start screen, or see what’s playing by glancing at your Pandora Live Tile. Take your favorite personalized radio service to a whole new level with Windows Phone!

3) Weave:-

Weave App

Weave is the newsreader app which you must have in your Windows phone. It let users easily follow links and websites or choose any curated content to read it in an organized way. Comfort in reading articles will make you love this app.

4) Evernote:-

Evernote App

Write down your ideas and make reminders in form of notes, snapshots, audio recording and web searches. This app combines everything to make a comprehensive notebook so you can access it easily. It also syncs your contacts from your smart phone.

To Download

5) Skype:-

Skype App

Skype is best app for Windows phone. It is helpful in making video calls, voice calls over Wi-Fi, or 3G simply send a text message through the Skype instant message interface.

6) Metrotube:-

Metrotube App

Official Microsoft Youtube app specially designed for Windows Phone where you can watch your favorite videos and newsroom bloopers with ease.

7) Foursquare:-

Foursquare App

A mix of social networking + coupon app + game all in one. Locations of restuarants, bars, offices, sports stadiums. A “check in” wherever you are, avail special offers and recommend new places to visit.

8) Waze:-

Waze App

Traffic and navigation app that makes you feel like you have a friend inside every car on the road. By crowdsourcing traffic information, Waze is able to deliver the current conditions on the roads and highways.

9) ESPN Score Center:-

ESPN Score Center App

Don't miss a single beat in sports. This app follows hundreds of leagues across many sports providing you with global coverage. Personalized scoreboards and live look-ins into game stats. Breaking news, get analysis and watch video clips.

10) Weather Flow:-

Weather Flow App

Weather app options are there in every OS you have in your smart phone. Accurate information and live weather updates is must for locations. Current temperature with other information.

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