Tuesday, 17 June 2014

10 Cool World Cup Google Doodles to Cheer the Tournament

FIFA World Cup 2014 Google Doodle

Since this FIFA tournament started Google is been busy in engaging with Google Doodle to cheer the tournament. Everyday new Doodle for the World Cup. Google Doodle will be seen through out the tournament as its been the most popular World Cup.

Before almost every match, the doodlers have added a new animation above the search bar. On Sunday, for Father's Day, Google kept the same special doodle during all the matches: a father "O" and his child "o" sharing a soccer-themed stroll.

Here We've compiled some of the best Doodles of the tournament in the form of GIF. Check out them below:-

10 Cool Google Doodles

1) Google's Brazil:-

Google's Brazil

2) Chile vs. Australia:-

Chile Vs Australia

3) Mexico vs. Cameroon:-

Mexico Vs Cameroon

4) Spain vs. Netherlands:-

Spain vs. Netherlands

5) England Vs. Italy:-

England Vs. Italy

6) Uruguay vs. Costa Rica:-

Uruguay vs. Costa Rica

7) Father's Day:-

Father's Day

8) Germany vs. Portugal:-

Germany vs. Portugal

9) The Google Wave:-

The Google wave

10) USA vs. Ghana:-

USA vs. Ghana

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