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Top Food Apps on iPad

Food Apps for iPad
Apple gadgets are not just for entertainment but also helps you prepare mouth-watering food. Wondering how? Now, one can download top food apps on iPad and enjoy amazing delicacies.
And you thought iPad is just for entertainment or business? Shed your feelings as iPad can make you quite professional in cooking through its media-rich and highly interactive food apps. Given our hectic lifestyle, we hardly get any time to shop, plan and cook delicious item; we always look for easy options, that is, most of the times, junk food.

Picking a pizza from a nearby food takeaway or just swallowing down burgers may calm your hunger but they are not good for health. However, if you have an iPad, you can cook your own meals in just few minutes with the help of some food apps. To make cooking much easier for you, we have compiled the top food apps to download on iPad.

1) Good Food Magazine(By BBC Worldwide):-

Good Food Magazine

Inspired by the UK’s best-selling food magazine – “Good Food Magazine” is the app version developed by BBC Good Food magazine. This app is packed with inspiring recipes to help you cook fast and enjoy your meal heartily. With the triple-tested recipes in the BBC Good Food magazine kitchen, you can have it all just the tap of your fingers. Experience the real aroma of delicious food with this app. Good Food Magazine is a must-have app for everyone who loves cooking.

Download here

2) Super Food Ideas(By News Life Media Pty Ltd):-

Super Food Ideas

Representing Australia’s top-selling food magazine – Super Food Ideas is an excellent food app by News Life Media Pty Ltd. If you are planning to cook something special for the whole family in a limited budget, Super Food Ideas is your best help. Exclusive how-to videos and interactive content featuring real food pictures, beautifully displayed on iPad, inspire you to cook delicious items. The Cook Mode feature for simple step-by-step versions of the recipe for you to cook easily, is what makes this app most popular among people. Super Food Ideas, with more than 80 recipes being added every month, is an amazing food app to keep your platter healthy and delicious. 

3) Foodspotting(By Foodspotting, Inc):-


Get a visual guide to find the best food in your neighbourhood with the help of recommendations by people. Foodspotting was also listed in the Time Magazine’s 50 Best Apps. The most interesting thing to do with this app is to share great dishes along with tagging your food photos. It is a kind of personal food library which can help you to find and explore new food items, and learn how to make them. It’s a unique app wherein you can recommend dishes which you have prepared, tag them and see what others recommend and find a particular dish.

4) Whole Foods Market Recipes(By Whole Foods Market, Inc.):-

Whole Foods Market Recipes

Starting from planning, shopping to cooking - everything made easy with Whole Foods Market Recipes – an iPad food app. It is not just cooking that makes you feel tired. To cook anything, you got to plan, shop and gather the required ingredients accordingly. Well, all these tasks made simpler with the help of Whole Foods Market Recipes app. With over 3000 recipes to browse, you can filter by course, cuisine, special diet and more. From creating shopping lists for recipes, making your own tasty meal plans to exploring special deals, sale and events- you can do everything with this app.

5) Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals(By Zolmo):-

Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals

Developed by Zolmo for the popular chef Jamie Oliver, 20-Minute Meals app discloses an array of 60 exclusive recipes created by the chef himself. If you are busy with appointments and meetings whole day, on returning home, you want something easy and fast to cook. This app encourages you to make mouth-watering food with easy-to-follow steps. Replete with lots of features, this app makes you a wonderful cook.

Try these apps and see how you evolve as a great chef making delicious meals for the family. Do share your experience with us.

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