Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Five Vacation iPhone Apps

Vacation Apps

There are various apps you will find for your smart phone. Keep some important or say necessary apps always in your iPhone. Every type of apps are available for you which can help you in your daily life. Here there are some vacation apps which can be helpful to you when you are on vacation. These are like must have apps. These apps can manage your work go smooth when you are out of your home on vacation.

Check out the list of five vacation apps:-

1) Yelp:-
Yelp app is used to search for and to locate the places you want to like the best pizza outlet to the best shopping center. 

2) Apple Maps with Siri route guidance:-
If you dont have GPS in your car then this app can be your good navigator. Only thing is it consumes too much battery so you need to have a car charger. Siri route guidance can guide with the routes you want to go through.

3) Trip advisor:-
When you reach your destination or check in to that place then start this app which will show the best places to visit. 

4) CNN, ABC or New York Post:-
Why to miss even a second of news, updates happening around the world. People who keep themselves updated everytime about the things around they would always want their news app handy.

5) Kicksend:-
If you have got lots of snaps clicked in your iphone and need to take up some prints then its easy. Get into a wi-Fi connection and upload all your pics into kicksend and take a print and collect it.

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